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OLRT - Train Shed

Ottawa (Canada)

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Fire Station Madera

California (USA)

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Train Shed Yverdon (Switzerland)

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Javet & Javet, Artisans Vignerons au Vully (Switzerland)


BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Operation Center and Fire station Schinznach (Switzerland)

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Belen Fire Station n° 1

New Mexico (USA)


BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Court of Justice at Point-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe, France)

Three automated sliding-folding doors for high velocity wind loads

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Carport, Amsterdam (NL)

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Jane's Carousel, Brooklyn, New York (USA)

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Operations Center (Switzerland)

BATOR GROUP - Design, Engineering, Production and Maintenance

Military Airfield Emmen (Switzerland)

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Manteca Fire Station n° 5

Manteca, California (USA)


In contrast to the classic steel folding door, BATOR steel sliding-folding door can open and close an unlimited number of door elements with a drive incorporated on the first leaf; It does not matter whether the door is mounted on the inside or outside of the building skin. Large openings of up to 12 meters (40 ft.) in height and unlimited door width can thus be realized, regardless of whether for an aircraft hangar or a museum, fully glazed or with visual elements such as perforated sheet metal, panels or inlays with expanded metal, ornaments or in combination with wood or double-wall sheets for a diffuse Incidence of light.

BATOR steel sliding-folding gates are requiring extremely low-maintenance without wearing parts and are characterized by high reliability with an unlimited number of opening cycles. That is why our sliding-folding industrial doors - sometimes also called folding-sliding gates or simply called slide-in - are particularly often installed in the public sector, such as armies, police stations, industrial premises, prisons and museums.

The BATOR sliding folding door is particularly characterized by its robust, durable processing. Steel offers many advantages over other materials such as aluminum: The connections are all welded through and not screwed; this means that the load absorption is demonstrably higher. Profile reinforcements can be invisibly processed into the profile, so that the timelessly elegant appearance of the BATOR door system will be retained.

Depending on the specifications, a sliding-folding door that opens on one or two sides is suitable. The number of door elements - even or odd-winged - can be freely combined. The door package is in the open position parked behind the facade and thus maintains the entire passage width without restrictions.

The door front can be designed in any way: Whether planking with continuous chrome steel sheet, glazing, expanded metal or simple insulation panels, double wall panels for diffuse light, concrete or wood cladding.

As with the folding door, BATOR uses the latest technology in personal protection as a door builder: Proven safety components such as contact strips and light barriers are used as standard.

In addtion, BATOR incorporates the latest detector technologies such as lasers and radar systems. When working in concert, they recognize the impending danger in advance and reverse or stop the door movement early to avoid an accident.

BATOR sliding folding doors can be suspended or ground-supported and contain any number of elements. Gates can be produced and assembled up to a height of more than 12 meters (40 ft.). There are hardly any limits to the architect's design. The steel sliding folding door can take over the design of the surroundings like a chameleon. Let yourself be inspired by our references or ask us today!

The BATOR sliding-folding door fulfills highest security requirements. The protective measures can be combined as required: certified WK3 / RC3 version or bullet resistance up to certificate FB4 / BR4. Our security liine has found its home in various national banks, museums, prisons, value transport companies, military and civil security facilities around the world and protect people and goods from impending danger on a daily basis.




The classic. Robust steel frame structure; model range 40, 60 or 100 mm available


High insulated version: foamed insulated polyurethane kernel and a confirmed overall metric
U-value of 1.2 W/m2K (= imperial U-value of 0.21 Btu/h·ft2·F)


Additional security features can be scaled individually: RC3 / WK3 certified; ballistic resistant up to certified BR4/FB4 level, Hurricane UL-certified (Miami Dade level) up to 180 psf, explosion resistant up to a load of 100 kN / m2

Automated four-fold doors for fire station Folsom (US)

Acoustic folding doors with soundproofing up to 50 dB(A)


Fire retardant up to level E30

Certified E30 four-fold doors for the French army

Highly individual constructions e.g. for road and rail tunnels, prisons, security areas, explosion protection gates etc.


Automated Sliding-Folding Door, system 40 mm
Automated Sliding-Folding Door, system 60 mm
Manual Sliding-Folding Door, system 40 mm